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What does it mean to sling mad cheese? Where exactly is this premium top ched located? These are all legit questions. Many people have strayed from the path of top ched and ventured to the side of low and away but that is okay, because even though top ched works for you and me. It can be hard to live the life style. Check out our blog to stay in the loop on all the latest cheese →
It all started in a college dorm room, sitting around with some bros, pounding some freshly strung spoons getting ready for that daily rip sesh that we all dream about. Then it occured to us, why not make a rad company that shows pride in the one desire of every laxer... ripping that top ched. So we did. Boom.
No matter where you are in this great country of America or around the world playing lax, some coach out there will always tell you "do what I say, go low and away!" What do we have to say to that? That high cheese will always please. There is no denying that everyone loves a nice cripsy piece of cheese and the 22 inches of glory in the cage is just a life changer.