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Welcome to the Top Ched Lax Blog. Below is a collection of just pure gold. Each word is a like a delicite piece of cheese, aged to perfection. Sit back, relax, and take it all in. You'll thank us, don't worry.

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Top Ched Lax

The most illusive position in the game of lacrosse is without doubt the goalie. Every lax player worldwide knows that their team's goalie has got a screw loose upstairs. Let's be honest no normal person wants to stand in front of a ball moving 100 miles an hour at their shins. Mad respect to anyone who steps in between the pipes. That being said the goalie can make or break your season. Today we are going to celebrate the latter. As we like to call it the good ole SWISS CHEESE goalie. As the 2014 season progresses Top Ched Lax will crown a goalie each month with the infamous title of SWISSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So without further adieu.... Joseph Danaher your 42% save percentage has won you the Swiss Crown! Embrace it Danaher because someone has gotta rep the swiss. Swiss goes good on burgers, grilled chicken, even french people like it. Swiss in the cage is a different story. Joseph the cats outta the bag, either embrace your crown or close up those holes into a solid block of sharp cheddar for the month of March!!

Saturday, March 1st, 2014


Lacrosse is the fastest growing game in America at present. Each year thousands of new athletes of all ages get their first lacrosse stick and instantly become part of the lax community. What the game of lacrosse is missing is a solidified identity. Lacrosse players have the reputation of being lazy, complacent, and frequently on the part scene. What most people do not know, is that lacrosse is one of the most physically demanding sports played and requires a high level of training and discipline to play.

Lacrosse is a sport that offers a vast amount of creativity and finesse, it is not easy to rip the duck and sting some high cheese. Top Ched Lax sees this problem and has the drive to fix it. We are seeking to redefine the lifestyle of a hardworking, innovative, and bold lacrosse player, through developing clothing, community, and humor.

We hope you enjoy the newest version of the Top Ched Lax website, be sure to check back frequently so you won't miss out on the cheesey goodness.

Friday, February 14th, 2014


Hello intrawebs and fellow Top Cheddars. Check out these poppin' pics of true laxers. They strut their stuff, they know top cheddar is always beddar, and they play to win. From the most wise and praised philosopher whom we know of as Drake once said, they may have started from the bottom, we do not know, but one thing they do know is... they are here and let me ask you, who doesn't want to be up top? Everyone knows that's where the honey is. Mmm, sweet honey.

The pictures are stellar, we know, and we are stoked that you guys sent them in, but we want more! Shoot us an email, tag us on instagram, or mention us on twitter and we will be sure to check out your photo. Heck, if its cool enough we will even send you free stuff! What are you waiting for? There is nothing to lose! Go grab your camera, go out for a rip sesh and send us your pictures or videos of you slappin' T or rocking our gear and you may have a chance to win!