The Company

Inspired by the sun drenched, salt stained, American born lax lifestyle, Top Ched Lax is the eye-catching clothing that will set you apart in a crowd. Our clothing may be too bold for most to pull off, but that is exactly what makes it so special for those who can. Ask yourself, do you have what it takes to be daringly different?

There are a few things in life that we enjoy, these include food, drinks, films, lax, live music, and howling at the moon. We live in a society that is surrounded by a lot of chaos that clutters our brains. Texts prevent pondering. Snapchats prevent reverie. Twitter prevents epiphany. Instagram prevents memory. And thunderstorms prevent brainstorms. And on and on. What is Top Ched Lax going to do to help this? Absolutely nothing. Sorry folks!

However, our mission is to spread the cheesy wonder of slappin' T to all fellow laxers. We celebrate the passion of laxers to shoot upper cage all up in the goalie's grill and set out to conquer and combat all coaches who utter the despicable phrase "high to low." One can go low and away all day, but it takes talent to hit top cheese whenever you please.

Everybody knows, both fans, players, and the world, desire a crispy slice of high quality cheddar. A goal scored ripping the net along top pipe ignites a fire in the belly of teamates and is an unmatched sensation. However there are certain specifications which qualify as "top cheddar". Not all goals are the high quality sharp ched. Its a science, a talent, and a gift. Be bold, take home the gold.

Some people ask us, "Hey Top Ched, why do you say you were established in 1776 when clearly you were not?" That is an easy question, in which we simply answer by quoting our fellow brother, George Washington, "One day, on the model of the United States of America, a United States of Top Ched will come into being." Good ol George was right. Although Top Ched Lax, in actuality, was founded in year 2013, not 1776, we like to make it known what year Top Ched's inspirtation was concieved. Rock on Laxers.

The Top Ched