The Legend

You can't throw the word "steez" around without attributing some of the credit to some of the greatest laxers of the age. Born with their wands in hand, dreaming of ripping twine in the womb, they lived and breathed lax. Straight Steez. There is no denying that we all wish we could be like these laxers, to go down in history as the contributors of modern day lax.

You might ask, who exactly are these legends? We will give you a quick reminder... Starting in the prime days of the woodies, we have two big dogs that stole the show, good ol Jimmy Brown and Jimmy Lewis, is it a coincidence that they both have the same first name? Absolutely not, its destiny.

Another great legend of the sport is Pietro, although he never really ripped mad duck and was a nightmare to all those who went against him, we still need to give him a shoutout because not only was he a stellar defenseman, he now coaches one of the best teams around. Recently big D recorded his 150th win. The kid has mad cheese.

There are plenty of other legends out there, then and now, but who are we to decide these stellar figures of the human race, they paved the way for us, providing us amplitudes of creativity, inspiration, to go out and just do. What is your story? How will you change the world? Don't watch greatness happen, make it.